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Harriet A Elisabeth is a certified breath coach / Breath masters Academy, a CTA Coach / Coach training Alliance and energy healer. She started her path of energy healing as a Reiki practitioner in 2006 and became a Reiki master 2010. Since then, she has evolved with many different modalities  such as PEH Pure energy healing with Mark Bajerski, EFT tapping, raindrop therapy and  inner guidance with Amara Samata.


She has studied energy work with Donna Eden, and Sonia Ricotti.  She experienced mayor energetic breakthrough with Juan Pablo Barahona´s training  modules.

She has walked on fire with Tony Robbins and completed various training 

modalities with him. She has completed workshops with the hypnotherapist Marisa Peers out of pure interest to understand the human psyche. 

She has studied Shamanism from Sandra Ingerman and Alberto Villoldo and been initiated into Munay Ki leg of Shamanism with Ezekie.

She has spent extended periods of times in Ashrams in India to fully embrace the yogic mind body spirit mindset. Completed 200 hours VinYasa yoga teacher training in India.  and trained Kundalini yoga with Jai Dev.


Her deepest trauma became her biggest  growth and resulted in her first published book "My road to me."  She loves to write and inspire individuals to seek and to find the essence of who they truly are. 

She love to express herself through art and often incorporates  nature elements like stones and drift wood in her artwork. 

Her latest passion is to go deep with Breathwork. The potency of combining breath-work with her other modalities has opened up new levels of breakthroughs with her clients.  The depth of where it takes one is undeniably powerful. 


She is a student at the "New earth Mystery school" and is constantly embarking upon the unfolding of her souls most divine expression.


She is an advocate for nature medicines and trust the lineage of knowledge Shamans around the world has inherited from their ancestors for thousands of years. Mother Nature has always given us everything we need, now she needs us more than ever, its time for us to hear her calling and the medicines helps us awaken our dormant gifts and heal our ancestral wounds.

She is a passionate ecstatic dance practitioner and fully embrace the healing power of moving energy through the body with this expressive and liberating practice.

When you don't find her hiking or meditating in the Andalucian mountains you will find her playing beach tennis on one of the many beaches along Costa de Sol in the south of Spain. The speed, the team play and the all-round good vibe in this sport ticks all the right boxes for her.

She is an advocate for supporting humanity to awaken their  true essence and she walks gently on this earth, following the whispers of her guides.


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