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There is more to you than what is coming

out and you know it!


Understand how your emotions creates your reality is the first building block in understanding how to change any undesired situation in life. Whether it is in regards to, relationships, your health or finances. You cannot change anything from the same viewpoint that brought it to you. Your emotions are a direct reflection of what´s going on energetically within you. And how your life plays out is a direct reflection of what you are emanating energetically.  


True healing is a journey of self-discovery. It is getting to understand and know what perceptions and believes that has governed your life. Finding out what they are is a crucial part of healing to understand what the embedded mismatch is.   


Are you ready to bring out the real you?


As your mentor we work together to reveal and illuminate the blind-spots that is preventing you from living the most fulfilling, happy and expanded version of yourself. No one is broken, the distortions can be revealed, removed and replaced with believes and perceptions that better serve you so you can live a fullfilled and purposfilled 




  • You will have daily accountability access. 

  • Weekly 2 hours sessions with mentoring and breathwork journeys and/or energy healing.

  • You will learn to anchor and elevate the energy within yourself. Gain more confidence and clarity on the direction of your life. 

  • You will learn simple techniques to up regulate or down regulate your mood and energy, so you can navigate through challenging days /situations with more ease.

  • We work together to evaluate every area of your life at the beginning of the period and at the end of it.

  • Energy exchange 700 euro.



  • Private one on one breath Journey and mentoring

  • 2 hour session Energy exchange 150euro  



  • You hold space and I come to you. we discuss the size of group, setting and theme of the journey. 

  • 1,5 hour session (take 2 hours into account, for settling in and coming out of the journey)

  • Energy exchange 250euro


  • To gift your employees a taste of how their focus, productivity and effectiveness can improve with a simple 15 to 20  minute breathwork session in the morning, is not only a gift to them but a gift to your company and its success growth. Try it for one week and see how productivity, collaboration,    and improvedcommunication uplifts everyone with a fresh flush of energy.   Session takes place online (take 30 minutes into account)

  • Contact for more information. 



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