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Harriet A Elisabeth

Harriet A Elisabeth is a certified transformational breath coach with Breath Masters Academy and a certified CTA life Coach with   Coach training Alliance. She started her path of energy healing as a Reiki practitioner in 2006 and became a Reiki master 2010. Since then, she has evolved with many different modalities such as PEH Pure energy healing, EFT tapping, raindrop therapy and inner guidance.  She has studied and practiced Shamanism for many years and is initiated into Munay Ki leg of Shamanism. She has spent extended periods of times in Ashrams in India to fully embrace the yogic mind body spirit mindset and has been hosting Satsang circles and meditations since 2011. She is an advocate for nature medicines and trust the lineage of wisdom Shamans around the world has inherited from their ancestors for thousands of years. 


The breath that took her breath away!.

She felt a calling for diving deeper with breathwork and received clear guidance for the importance to spread this medicine to the world. Transformational breathwork has swiped into her world like a whirl wind and taken over much of her focus. 

Discovering the power of transformational breathwork is like finding the key to the treasure box you always had but never opened. It is pure magic. It truly takes one deeper and faster without anything else than your commitment to go deep and your willingness to face what needs to be faced and your breath is the vehicle that takes you there. 

These transformational breath journeys enable participants to realize what it is that has been holding them back, and why destructive patterns and faulty outcomes has been so hard to shift out of.  The journeys have the potential to take the participants to the root cause of the psychical, emotional and mental pain. Once the root caused is revealed it can be released and healed.

Release, release, release is the key to healing and the possibility to a fresh new outcome. The door to inner wisdom is being opened and with that comes infinite power and it is within  reach for you to access!

Let the journey begin!

Harriet uses her diverse background to create unique guidance with a blend of different healing modalities. She skillfully holds space for the magic to unfold. Each journey is an invitation to explore, to heal and awaken your inner mastery. 

Nothing in life is static.
Any desired change can take place when the conscious and unconscious  perception of life is changed. That's it! 

This is what I do!

transformational breathwork













The way you guided the session felt so good for me. Your voice, the words that you use and your guidance made me feel very comfortable. You are an amazing teacher and it was great to feel the love and light you share. I felt an amazing moment of surrendering only I don't dare to stay in there. This kind of breathing sessions are very helpful for me working on the part of letting go.


It is a gift when, hosting an online breath session, one can create a complete feeling of ‘it is okay to let go’. The music: perfectly chosen. Your guidance: soothing, giving the feeling of safety. Many thanks for this beautiful experience. 


I can only say wow, wow, wow I am blown away by this experience. I had no idea it was possible to feel so completely elevated and emerged in light. I felt like I was one with source. It was such a blissful state I didn’t want to come back. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Woman in the Beach

Your breath is the medicine...

and you my friend is the healer!

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